Published: Jun 15, 2019

Substantiation of rejuvenating tree pruning of representatives of the genus Рopulus l. In the urban city aglomerations

1-20 Sergey N. Kruzhilin, Marina P. Mishenina
2019-2-1 (Русский)

Relevance of enrichment of landscaping plantings with lianas in the conditions of urban ecosystems of the Saratov region

21-38 Alexander V. Tereshkin, Anna L. Kalmykova, Tatiana A. Andrushko
2019-2-2 (Русский)

Scientific basis for the formation of multifunctional cluster dendrological expositions of collections of the Federal Research Center for Agroecology of the Russian Academy of Sciences

39-63 Alexandra V. Semenyutina, Alia Sh. Khuzhakhmetova, Sergey E. Lazarev, Victoria A. Semenyutina, Darya V. Sapronova
2019-2-3 (Русский)

Diagnostic characteristics of representatives of the genus robinia l. By generative indicators in introduction populations

64-94 Alexandra V. Semenyutina, Sergey E. Lazarev
2019-2-4 (Русский)

Usage practicability of acer l. Species in landscaping in the central part of Rostov region

95-105 Irina S. Kolganova, Sergey S. Taran

Analysis of the habitats of the genus Corylus L. proclamations and their seasonal patterns of fruiting

106-118 Alia Sh. Huzhahmetova
2019-2-6 (Русский)