Published: Mar 15, 2019

Assessment of reproductive capacity of representatives of ancestral complexes and especially their selection of seed in dry conditions

1-23 Alexandra V. Semenyutina, Sergey E. Lazarev, Kristina A. Melnik
2019-1-1 (Русский)

Dendrophages Ulmus spp. in the forest plantation of the Volga region

24-39 Maria N. Belitskaya
2019-1-2 (Русский)

Biogeochemical activity of park plants as an indicator of stability of wood plants

40-54 Nadezhda V. Ivanisova, Lyubov V. Kurinskaya
2019-1-3 (Русский)

Environmental elements for revitalization of entomophages in theforest plantations of the arid zone

55-69 Irina R. Gribust
2019-1-4 (Русский)

Indicator signs of the adaptation of subtropical wood plants based on complex researches

70-104 Victoria A. Semenyutina, Igor P. Svintsov
2019-1-5 (Русский)

Ecological plasticity of nut crops of the collections of the federal scientific center for agroecology RAS

105-115 Aliya Sh. Khuzhakhmetova
2019-1-6 (Русский)