• NEEX Journal

    The journal was founded to improve and optimize the training of specialists in the field of internal medicine and family medicine, the implementation of continuing medical education. It is known that science has no boundaries, and the doctor must apply the achievements of the entire world of medical science and learn all his life, constantly improving his professional level. The journal combines fundamental medical problems as well as modern problems of clinical medicine, pedagogy, psychology and other Humanities. The journal opens its pages for both well-known scientists and promising young researchers, providing a platform for discussing problems of a wide scientific and medical circle.

    The main advantages of the journal include not only its high scientific level, but also openness to discussion, accessibility and efficiency of publication, which is especially important for active authors.

    The journal is focused on the practitioner and his needs. The journal is based on clinical evidence, algorithms for diagnosis, treatment and prevention, provides the maximum amount of useful illustrative material

  • New Law Journal

    The journal publishes scientific articles of various researchers (doctors and candidates of science, graduate students and applicants), practitioners (judges, prosecutors, lawyers, notaries, state and municipal officials) from more than forty-five subjects of the Russian Federation, as well as foreign scientists. The broad specialization of the journal allows to publish on its pages articles on theoretical and practical problems of all branches of legal science, as well as to place materials containing interdisciplinary research.

  • New Technology Journal

    The journal is a professional scientific and analytical publication and is intended for a wide range of specialists whose activities are somehow connected with research in geology and geography.

    The journal publishes articles on the theory and practice of all types of engineering surveys, (including in particularly difficult conditions-permafrost, subsidence, technogenic soils, hazardous natural and natural-technogenic processes), on the problems of ecology, engineering protection, Geophysics and seismology, monitoring and forecasting, as well as automation, standardization and standardization of surveys. Separate topics of the journal are issues of technical regulation, state policy in the field of exploration in geology

  • Applied Technology Research Journal

    The scientific periodical "Applied Technology Research Journal" invites researchers and practitioners to a professional discussion of the variety of problems and solutions in the field of IT, computer science and chemistry.

    The journal intends to cover the problems of computer science prospects, the latest developments in the field of IT, artificial intelligence and cybernetics. In addition, there is an intention to publish articles on chemical industries in the journal.

    The journal is addressed to a wide range of scientific community-faculty, graduate students, students, employees of research organizations as well as practitioners of state institutions and business structures.

  • Russian Economic Review - International Studies

    The Russian Economic Review is one of the founding journals of modern economics. The journal has provided a platform for high-quality, imaginative economic research, earning a worldwide reputation for excellence as a general interest journal, publishing papers in all fields of economics for a broad international readership. The Russian Economic Review welcomes submissions whether they be theoretical, applied, or orientated towards academics or policymakers. The Editorial Board are drawn from leading international institutions and cover a wide range of expertise. As well as providing the reader with a broad spectrum of high-quality, stimulating papers the Editorial Board is committed to providing rapid feedback to submitting authors.

  • Журнал экономических инноваций

    The scientific and practical journal "New economy journal" is devoted to the assessment of innovations and management of innovative development in the economic sphere.

    The journal publishes research results, reviews and notes in the field of innovation Economics and innovation management.

  • Наука.Мысль

    Наука. Мысль: электронный периодический журнал принимает статьи по следующим направлениям:
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